2009 Russian Crisis

Today's economic position, the burdens of global banking recession – all without exception it is today among the list of highly debated issues. Sociologists argue that the strongest of us worried about information component, which can affect him personally. And some of the information concerning the state of modern banking is directly itself. Over the past calendar year the banking situation and attitude of the community was another to such an extent that is unlikely to save an empty least one person say that the crisis in Russia in 2009 it completely will not be touched. This position, unfortunately, or fortunately, touches absolutely each of us. After a joint financial situation in a market directly affects the welfare money every individual. And in general do not need to be a businessman or as any other way to directly enter the monetary relations with the banks.

Rather the fact that the earnings of any worker is dependent on the general economic position. Reduced cash pay of some elements of the structure – reduced earnings. But for many firms, such a crisis became final, and people just lost not only faith in a bright future, but also work. And along with it – their livelihood. So same as in the comic story of the era of the world crisis. My son asked my father: told, but in fact it is true that the economic downturn will affect only the rich? And what dad says: yeah, baby, financial crisis can affect only the rich, because the poorest he did flatten. In other words, the relationship between macroeconomic research and enough real issues become even theoretical, and even very specific, and as a result of such topics as the banks during the crisis of steel is one of the very discussion.

And most importantly, able to directly touch any of us. So did recently in our society there was a certain stereotype of isolation: the type, the macroeconomic situation in itself, a trifle of our reality – by themselves. But reality could prove that it is completely different. AND economic position at the global level has an impact on the overall state of the art available, and all of those positions with which we may come across on a regular basis – all of them by its very nature are small elements Mosaic, which make up a single picture. Or in small blocks that make up a complete picture of the global financial system. Investigating the quality of any of the items, you can consider the stability of the whole system.

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