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The Profit Of Goals Implies A Spiritual Connection

Many people make different questionings on the importance from the success, some wrongly consider that the profits can separate to us from a spiritual life. That is a missed concept, never we must allow to take a frustration life, each … Continue reading

Hotel Maracay

To not make them lose the thread and not make it more complicated for the that is, I think that I should follow them telling what happened with my brother. He arrived, settled, liked by saying his letters, and in … Continue reading

The Newcomer

A night in which the Moon shone high, posing his white light between the Rails, which marked the path of our traveller, and ilunimando her face, which was already obvious traits of a poor, but human expression, spoke you to … Continue reading

The Advantage Of Making Greater

There is a moment in life and do not ask me how, because I don’t know him in that one dares to deal with your spouse, to refuse the intemperate whims of their children, to tell your neighbors what you … Continue reading


ALERT OF THE ENVIRONMENT Welinton Dos Santos is economist and psicopedagogo The acknowledgments of alert are innumerable of the environment, but nothing it was so clearly for the Brazilian people as the 2008 end and beginning of 2009, of which, … Continue reading