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Pastoral Edition

They explore the weak ones and oppressed, the employees of its company or its farming and, to disfarar, make long conjuncts! But vocs they do not lose for waiting, go spoon what they are planting. Vocs fights stops to convert … Continue reading


Today I wrote some texts and I lost all they, gave one pane in the computer, I confess that in this day it was inhaled, I made the texts with my soul, penalty that I lost all they. It takes … Continue reading


Beatriz Antonieta Lopes Notice on the death of babies, children, young and adults caused for leaves me not only to the AFFECTION saddened, causes me revolt! One of the victims most recent was the young college student Fernanda Cristina, with … Continue reading

Hearing Material

Semiologia of the hearing: examination for the diapases, preliminary tonal audiometria, audiometria for by airmail and for saw timpnicos ssea, logoaudiometria, imitnciometria, impedanciometria, consequences, audiometria of cerebral trunk, eletrococleografia, otoemisses. Sonorous waves Waves (longitudinal) that they spread in air and … Continue reading

The Government

The term governana appears in contradiction of the models traditional politicians, despertando for the fact of that the Nature more does not have to be a gratuitous and replaceable good, with regeneration capacity. Historically, the term governana came United Nations … Continue reading