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Basic Education

It disciplines it in I appraise has as main factor to form the teaching professional to act in the practical one of education of the day-by-day pertaining to school one, understanding the educational process through acquired basic knowledge in the … Continue reading

The Determination

She would be closed in the superior part, with cover removable with height of 10 cm, on the level of the ground. All water precipitated on the building or covered areas would be directed for two pipes of entrance of … Continue reading

Foucault Continuity

Foucault cites, intelligently based in the literature of the art to govern, that if somebody it wants to govern the State must before know to govern itself, its family, its good (in ascending continuity). the descending continuity wants to say … Continue reading

Cultural Patrimony

The advent of the globalization, that more than comes in approaching each time a world without borders, has allowed a bigger investment in the tourist sector, improving offers technique of the activity, propitiating the tourist democracy, what it provides to … Continue reading