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Then Juan left and he followed it to rose! Carlinhos talks with its Clio friend! Carlinhos: – Clio, who is that girl? Clio that always was to the side of Carlos observes all intently the colloquy! Clio: – it is … Continue reading

Life Work

My wage surpassed by very little to the one of the receptionist of the company that as soon as it initiated his university studies, to difference mine that my professional title had and not only that but more than twenty … Continue reading

Spiritual Growth

The lighting is very low, and nobody can enter without bending the head. As the flower that looks beautiful and delicate nuances, but lacks perfume, so lack of fruit words who speaks, but doesn’t act Dhammpada generalities, etymology, scope we … Continue reading

Yalta – City Of Dreams

Yalta – a unique and fantastic city on the Black Sea. Every year on vacation in Yalta comes a few million people. The best way to get together on a trip – call us and get the latest information first … Continue reading

World Health Organization

All this month, with its main day on May 19 celebrates the struggle of humanity against hepatitis virus B and C, both are a global health problem of epidemic proportions, the Assembly of the World Health Organization-WHO- discussed these days … Continue reading

Corporeal Properties

Moreover, the domain bourgeois consolidated a new style of life based on the ownership of corporeal properties objects, fabrics, furniture status signals and wealth. All this process was made possible thanks to the new social division of the work and … Continue reading

Natural Environment Training

The objective would be the expansion of the vocabulary using itself of adjectives, verbs here, etc. (using figures). Other models of intervention of the TEA based on the estimated ones behavioristas are the Early and Intensive Behavioral Intervention (precocious and … Continue reading

Special Education

Thus, the Special Education if characterized for isolated actions and the attendance if it related more to visual, auditory deficiencies e, in lesser amount, to the physical deficiencies. We can say that in relation to the mental deficiency it had … Continue reading

The Bureaucratic

For these times there is a market segment and their "office" sales. If this clip to use more (optional) and how to catch a tube of toothpaste, it is logical suggest that total sales will increase. Interestingly, the advertising can … Continue reading

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