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Wall Calendars As A Dekrotation In Their Own

Wall calendar not only an informative purpose, but serve also as a decorative way calendar on your wall can be equally useful tool and pretty accessories. Wall calendar can be made nowadays like to exact requirements of the customer. Certain … Continue reading

Hotel Rural San Miguel ensures a more comfortable stay for 67 Euros per night in a double room. Las Cristinas its origin goes back to a Saint born in a noble family. Since the middle ages several ladies of royalty were called Cristina, … Continue reading

Antimanicomial Fight

GOFFMAN, Erving. Stigma: Notes On the Manipulation of the Spoiled Identity. Translation of Mrcia Flag of Mello Nunes Milk. 4 ed. Rio De Janeiro: Scientific books Technician and, 1988. Stigma: an analysis on the situation of the estigmatizada person Erving … Continue reading