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Which will be its contribution to the world? We are here for evolving. The teachings are as much, clearly that they are only small rough drafts of the enormous power of the LOVE, The-Joy, M-Movement, The-Optimism here, R-Respect, of each … Continue reading

The Opposite

Write down at least 5 options to apply your strengths to work. At Rio- Tinto Group you will find additional information. I think that my personal example will help you better understand this issue. I always liked to do self-development, … Continue reading

SAP Solution Manager Advantage

Walldorf, 05 December 2007 the REALTECH AG, SAP consulting company and manufacturer of system management software, now its 3-R workshop to the SAP Solution Manager offers. This workshop informs about possibilities and limitations of the SAP Solution Manager taking account … Continue reading

New Websites Launched

With its new Internet service takes up a topic with central economic importance the respectable Essenes Training Institute Haus der Technik (HDT), because each year billions of dollars in damage due to fires in the company. According to estimates … Continue reading

New Design Tool From The SOURCE Web Shop

Promotional specialist SOURCE from Wiesbaden, Germany presents innovative design tool E-commerce-platform play an increasingly important role in the trade. The Wiesbaden Werbeartikler SOURCE generates today already 80 percent of sales on its online store, which continuously developed and is adapted … Continue reading

Assistance For Academic Offspring

The junior market of Saxony-Anhalt on a website the life could be so easy. Bachelor in between statements, internships, job. Instead motivated students and graduates do not know often where they should extend their sensor at all. More information is … Continue reading

Grady Gmb

In addition, almost every second company wants to intensify the training of staff. An option to the solution of the increased effort represents but also a reduction in the number of business trips for every fifth operation. Holzer points out, … Continue reading

TuV Quality

New QualitatsZertifikat occupied power by building planners the current financial crisis resulted in short to medium-term to a strengthening of the trends identified by the Dusseldorf BauInfoConsult more quality certification requests by builders. Architect or engineer (Advisory) are long time … Continue reading

Change Unit

David against Goliath of young technology companies successfully fights against counterfeiting the topic of piracy around the world represents an enormous challenge for companies from a wide range of sectors. Experts estimate the share of counterfeiting world trade already on … Continue reading