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Small, Robust, Intelligent: Adaptive Solution In Miniature Format

PI ceramic presents the latest developments in the field of piezo: P-876.SP1, the smallest version of the patented DurAct surface actuators. A thin Piezoelectric ceramic sheet with only 0.2 mm thickness is used for building a robust item which can … Continue reading

Patient Wristband Printers And MRSA-resistant Bracelets

HC100 thermal printer and antimicrobial patient wristbands for an extra safety and efficiency missing illegible bracelets are also responsible for many errors and adverse events. With the use of patient bracelets, which are printed with barcodes, patients can be identified … Continue reading

How To Hard Drives, USB Sticks And CDs To Maintain

But each disk is limited shelf life. A careful handling can extend at least the amount of use. Optical discs such as CD, DVD or Blu-ray keep up to 50 years, hard drives and Flash memory such as memory cards … Continue reading

Mrs Hanna Hermann

Current worm to the singing of children with cochlear implant singing makes good mood, strengthens social ties, trains memory and reduces the stress. The same applies if the singers are deaf or hearing highly impaired and carrier of cochlear implants … Continue reading

SchwarmStrom Stirling

German Stirling Congress”, the most 29 March in the framework of the CEP CLEAN, ENERGY & PASSIVEHOUSE 2012 in the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre in cooperation with the Reutlingen research held Institute RRI Reutlingen University, gives a good overview of these … Continue reading