American Movement

Therefore it is in the unconscious one that to the direction and the psychic forces are leagued, being equivalent to say, that in the pulsional resignation it would be the failure in meeting or leaving to happen the pulso. When thinking about it repulses between whites and American blacks, valley to relate to the text of Hobbes, in Leviathan, when saying, according to Francisco Verardi, who the animal movement is: … a movement in the field of the imagination that precedes and that it is presented as the source and internal origin of the external movements, is about what it called contatus or effort, identified as cerne of the motor college, a type of primary engine of all passional game, a movement that if exerts in direction to a external object that the subject one starts to yearn for, to long for, to apetecer, desejar.8 However, when this movement operates in contrary direction, causes the aversion, the repudiation and hatred, that can thus, to explain, in part, the behavior of the hostile group to the blacks. In relation to the assumption of the blacks to represent threat, can be referenciar the beginning of the reality, of Freud, as ' ' a perspective of auto-conservao' ' , that it would be, among others, ' ' one of the functions of I in the interior of the device psquico' ' 9. Being the blacks, targets of the segregation, also remember the feeling of the abandonment, in the religious, described vision for Freud, that would be the desencantamento of the world, in accordance with Vladimir professor, when explanar on the freudiana theory of the progress: When the man already does not see itself as participating directly of the nature animistic vision, appears the feeling of sensible abandonment to if confrotting with the irreducibility of the contingency of its existencial position, position that in Freud is always on to a certain anthropology of the finitude through the figures of the installation of the death, the sexual difference or the absolute contingency of the desire object. .

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