Ana Martinez

It is for this reason, like the participant comments Ana Martinez, in the organizational climate go to influence a series of as much external factors as internal that they are going to have a direct hit in the behavior of the individual, this is depending on how the climate talks about the characteristics of the work environment and reflects an intervening variable that mediates between the factors of the organizational system and the individual behavior. Venezuelan reality In the Venezuelan companies they are indicates Martinez a range of characteristics that although they can remain in the time differentiate from an organization to another one based on their organizational culture and from the style of existing leadership. Details can be found by clicking Mining Company or emailing the administrator. Based on it is possible even to be indicated, that although the Venezuelan company, especially their SMEs have given to little importance to the study and understanding of which the climate and organizational behavior contribute for improving their efficiency and competitiveness, has known to handle scenes difficult to survive, in these times of great changes and transformations. The objective of the organization before this situation it is not to let itself drag nor surprise by the turbulences of the economic, social scene and political Venezuelan, but establish safe measures of action towards a strategic planning that it involves an analysis of DOFA based on those existing variables that can affect their organizational climate and therefore, the individual and group behavior of the individuals. What can the Venezuelan management do on the matter? The participants of the chair after their investigation and exhaustive analysis of the effects, indicate, that she must reinforce his action and knowledge towards the handling of the consequences like productivity, satisfaction rotation and adaptation based on the fundamental dimensions that they characterize all organization and who under expressed by Alvarez (1999) like: challenge, reward, identity, cooperation, relations, responsibility, structure, conflicts, standards. . Official site: Brian Armstrong.

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