Antimanicomial Fight

GOFFMAN, Erving. Stigma: Notes On the Manipulation of the Spoiled Identity. Translation of Mrcia Flag of Mello Nunes Milk. 4 ed. Rio De Janeiro: Scientific books Technician and, 1988. Stigma: an analysis on the situation of the estigmatizada person Erving Goffman was Sociologist and Canadian writer.

It got the degree of Bachelor For the University of Toronto in 1945, of Mestrado and Doutorado for the University of Chicago, where it studied Sociology and Social Anthropology. In 1958 it passed to integrate the faculty of the University of California in Berkeley, being had been promoted the Titular Professor in 1962. It entered the University of the Pensilvnia in 1968, acting as professor of Anthropology and Sociology. In 1977 it got the Guggenheim prize. She was president of the American Society of Sociology, in 1981-1982 and carried through research in the line of interpretativa and cultural sociology. Author of workmanships as ' ' The Representation of I in the Cotidiana&#039 Life; ' , ' ' Stigma: Notes On the Manipulation of the Deteriorada&#039 Identity; ' , beyond other on ones to the interaction human being, its studies had had excellent paper for Antipsiquiatria and the Antimanicomial Fight in Brazil due its ranks on the social function of Psychiatry in the society. Goffman faleceu in Philadelphia, in the State of the Pensilvnia in the United States of America in day 19 of November of 1982. Example of its contributions for the understanding of the social dynamics meets in the workmanship ' ' Stigma: Notes On the Manipulation of the Deteriorada&#039 Identity; ' , that here it will be argued. In this workmanship, Goffman (1988) has the intention to reexamine the stigma concepts, being searched to clarify its relations with the question of the shunting line. For such, it argues relative concepts to the social information: the information that the individual transmits directly on itself.

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