Apartment Sales

Buying and selling luxury homes – a serious and sometimes risky, so in order to minimize the risk, take advantage of useful recommendations. First of all, if you're going to buy housing in the new house find all information about your builder. Find out what kind of house company recently built a shelter population. Ask selectively collected from residents of an apartment house and ask their opinion about the company-builder, the quality of the constructed building, the level of service, on time delivery of housing organization. Need to learn all about how many years the firm builds a house, how many buildings have already been successfully completed.

Buying an apartment is more convenient with the help of qualified of Realtors, as they studied the legislation, know that approves the law on the transaction, that is, they know all the legal details of the transaction. With the services of a realtor sales transactions made housing very quickly, even when there is a so-called "chain" in which the seller is at home waiting for a good option to sell their own apartment and make money for a new apartment. Do not forget that for each employee real estate assigned assistant attorney, he helped conclude the paper and ensures legal clarity chosen accommodation. During the transfer of money to make notes on a special test equipment with the help of a professional teller can have you try to cheat and give you a fake. Often, such a verification of funds organized by the realtor. Before purchasing the house look good area, ask if there are nearby schools, the youth will not interfered with sleep or live peacefully constant shouting and singing with a guitar. Find out who your future neighbors, you do not wish to see with you on the landing was a den of prostitutes and family of alcoholics. Look location of parking lots, if you want to avoid problems with parking your car.

Before making a purchase, pay your attention to the structure of the year, perhaps there is roof leaks, rotting pipes or collapse wall. Call an independent appraiser, he can easily identify all the difficulties of second homes: a fungus and damaged concrete walls, and cracked walls under svezhepokleennymi wallpaper. Find out whether all the alterations made in the selected your apartment, decorated in BTI, if not registered, the authorities have the right to you, as owner, to make all the alter ago. Try to bargain with the old landlord, it is possible that you will be able to save funds to invest in their subsequent repair or buy new furniture.

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