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Fish consumption is allowed only on an occasional basis. Also incorporates seaweed as ingredient essential in their menus, in addition to other typically Japanese products, such as tofu, miso, soy or seitan. Grease consumption is reduced to a minimum and discarded milk, meat, eggs, dairy products, food preservatives, sausages, or refined alcoholic beverages, candy, tropical fruits and caffeine. It takes into account how to cook them, preferring the steam cooking. Recently Montauk Colony LLC sought to clarify these questions. Among its advantages is the great contribution of fiber and the ability to lose weight quickly, for it has been very well received by models and actresses of all time, since it became fashionable after the second world war and is still existing. Contraindications: to take very few proteins is lost muscle and in the first phase might be episodes of anaemia and malnutrition.

In addition, a very restrictive diet is not easy, nor socially nor for Pocket, since is committed to organic, more expensive products than usual. Montignac diet: the separated group the Montignac phenomenon, which began in France, has been spreading by all countries winning numerous adept, especially among the famous. Thus, Kilye Minogue has become an advocate of its principles. Rubbing the quarantine, and famous for his mini-shorts and mini-vestidos, the Australian singer has been chosen as the carrier of the best rear of the world. Will have you had something to do the Montignac diet? What: Association diet that divided carbohydrates into two groups: the beneficial (vegetables, whole wheat bread, chocolate or fruit); and the harmful (sugar, white bread, corn, potatoes or cooked carrots). The first are consumed without mixing them with fat, while the latter are restricted to the maximum. The theory of Montignac’s eating these foods together makes fat to accumulate. Among the peculiarities of this diet of power is taking up to three glasses of red wine a day and even chocolate, provided that it contains more than 70% cocoa, that Yes!, only in the maintenance phase. Contraindications: This kind of separated diets can lead to deficiencies due to the selection of food that takes place, therefore it is not advisable for people with cardiovascular problems or high cholesterol levels.

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