Average Companies

The Challenge of the Marketing in Small the Average Companies In the market of today the great companies are each time more using the marketing and its strategies to be differentiated in the market. Already it is not the case of small the average companies of Brazil. In some regions of the Country she is possible to see the effort of some companies who use the marketing as market strategy, but this is very shy mainly in market where the competition still is amateur. In the developed regions less of the country, where the market still is amateur, the marketing is not seen with good eyes. We can observe this in the data of the SEBRAE that points 82% of the small companies before opens bankruptcy exactly to complete 02 years. In many cases this bankruptcy can be given due to investment, but its great majority is due to planning. The marketing is the spine of any company is small, average it or great, where it stops surviving goes to need the apparatus all that the marketing can give to it. The companies who already are with certain stability in the market, mainly which the managers had not had no academic formation, does not enxergam in the marketing its ally.

They see many it as expenditure, where they do not use its mechanisms, therefore this will generate it expenditure. Others until try in its companies to use the marketing professional, but this professional much of the times if sees plastered in relation to the hierarchy of the company, not having much voice for opinions and suggestions. Between these and other average small reasons many of the Brazilian companies, are leaving to earn and to profit in its activities. Many of that they are to the front of these companies, the managers, need to understand that the marketing is one of its greaters allies for the conquest of its stability and differentiation will keep that it in the mind of the consumers. The marketing does not have to be seen as generating of expenditures and yes as future investment that will generate it return in average stated period. That is, the manager who not yet understood the benefit that the marketing can give to it, needs urgently to know it, seno fatally will not remain it many other strategies to survive in the market. Amadeu Barroso Grandson is formed in Strategical Marketing, possesss MBA in Strategical Marketing and Communication and works as Analyst of Marketing.

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