Basic Education

It disciplines it in I appraise has as main factor to form the teaching professional to act in the practical one of education of the day-by-day pertaining to school one, understanding the educational process through acquired basic knowledge in the academic space. The theory is the main base so that the Practical one of Education is applied in appraised way taking care of to the requirements for a good learning, extending the capacity learning them on the geographic space and practical the social ones related and integrated to the espacialidade. One knows that for a good pertaining to school education she is necessary that it has enabled professors, instigadores of new knowledge, critics, researchers, where these instigate its learning to the search for knowing, through research, taking them it that they are critical. The Practical one of Education is the instrument that enables the teaching futures if to become great educators. It is in the academic life, through the theory, that the teaching futures already have a knowledge on the pertaining to school problems and with the practical one of education if it makes to be valid, that is, it will be the instrument for which the teaching future will unite the theory to the practical one.

Many not yet recognize the importance of this discipline in the academic area. What one perceives is that it has a distanciamento between the University and the Basic Education. She is necessary that projects are created so that has a partnership between the educational segments and with this an interaction, having related the theory that are acquired in the academic area to the practical one that it is developed in the pertaining to school area. One of the great objectives of the Practical one of Education is to form searching professors, showing that by means of studies deepened on the subjects of different contents, these learning obtain to make the didactic transposition of the same ones, so that the process of education and learning are contemplated.

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