Between Thinking And Acting

Between thinking and acting Old they affirmed: two types of men must be prevented as contagious disease, the politicians and the philosophers. At that time, also the poets were considered dangerous, exactly because the poets think. The Empires were constructed on of blood, much blood. We are sages who all creature has its destination, however, when the way is dark, it is difficult to enxergar. The great majority of the humanity takes the life with the belly, does not bind for porra none! It has the many Satan for disfarado there of light angel, also distributing carnezinho and other gadgets. She is total palhaada No order against sales of stockings does not exist, seno the Lupo went to pipocar in the hell. All good! Neguinho for there has much sowing winds, wants to see when to come the storm.

We are our enemy greater. He is interesting each one to search to save of proper itself. We point out between the hope and the fear. Pra not to suffer in surplus, we will have to learn the nature of our mind, the way is in this direction The business it is to twist for optimum and preparing for worse. He is funny as everything is different, depending on where we find in them. One of the men most intelligent of this century, Brazilian, gegrafo, thinker irrequieto, known and recognized in the international, unknown academic world here in its native land, Milton Saints, affirmed: The center of the world is where you are The world is what you see! Antonio Padilha de Carvalho

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