Biggest Residues

Cup is very difficult the same to be reused, for being exactly dismissable. The use of more durable materials must be preferred, as the glass or the porcelain. Reutilizao? The reutilizao also is a reduction form, therefore the products remain more time in use before being discarded. It consists of the exploitation of products without these suffer to any types of complex alterations or processing (they only pass, for example, for cleanness). Recycling – it is the real proveitamento of the materials as raw material for a new product. Many materials can be recycled and the examples most common are the paper, the glass, the metal and the plastic. The biggest advantages of the recycling are the minimizao of the use of natural sources, many times did not renew; the minimizao of the amount of residues that needs final treatment, as aterramento, or incineration.

The recycling concept does not have to be confused with the one of reutilizao. Recovery? In all productive cycle it has losses. Beyond getting the biggest efficiency if it has of to think about the possibility to recoup them. The action is all that comes to obtain the return of the occured losses in the diverse processes, in way if to demand little insumos originals for being being recouped in the exits of the same ones, some part of these insumos that would be lost. Reaproveitamento? general term that includes the reutilizao, recycling, recovery, for diverse processes, amongst them the compostagem, as much for the organic residues as for the inorgnicos.

Organic residue – animal or vegetal origin has, that is, that recently it was part of an alive being. In a language more technique and modern, we would approach the residues solid, being its biological component the organic substance, but in the same way deriving of the beings livings creature, animals and vegetables. In them it can be included food remaining portions, leves, seeds, remaining portions of meat and bones, papers, wood, etc.

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