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Get a market research, which is what that people want, information seeking, and gives you the solution creating a product for them. 2. Place links from affiliate within your eBook, this could benefit you much because you redouble your winnings if your customer buys the product that you promote in your own product. 3. Add interactivity to your e-book, for example, get video tutorials, this way you can upload your higher e-book prices and maximize your profits. 4. If your product you will promote through clickbank, it is important that you believe a page of affiliate in where you provide tools for your affiliates, E.g.: banners, Emails to Autoresponder, signatures on forums, Adwords ads, etc. If you make you life easier to your affiliates, happy to interest them in distributing your product and that maximize your profits without effort.

5 Offers the best possible Commission to your affiliates, and dedicate time to find affiliates to promote your eBook. They will get you qualified traffic you need to make money online with your e-book. 6. Once past a good time, with a good amount of sales, creates another product related to the previous product and offer to your customers. If they bought it once, and you liked the product, it is very likely to buy you any material quality that you offer them. 7 Repeat the process over and over again… and earn money on the internet! It is important that you follow this business model if you want to maximize your sales and make you recognize in the market as an expert, this always is beneficial because people buy from you again and again since your reputation as an expert will be higher than ever.

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