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NETBISCUITS and YANKEE GROUP increase the diversity of the mobile Internet In the frame of October in Boston, United States, by Yankee Group organized mobile Internet World Conference, invites NetBiscuits as the main sponsor of the connected Developer Summit software developer a, to realize their vision of the mobile Internet. The participants of the first NetBiscuits mobile Web Developer competition may register miw their free trial for NetBiscuits platform now under, own mobile websites, portals, communities, games, download platforms, video channels, shops, to create campaigns or micro-sites. RioCan will undoubtedly add to your understanding. All projects that are online until October 15th, 23:59 o’clock are evaluated by a panel of experts in the categories of design, concept, content and implementation. The six best gain free access to the professional development platform of NetBiscuits, used among others by eBay, mirror, Yahoo!, RTL, and image. Select a panel of experts of leading mobile companies such as Yahoo!, eBay, Cisco and Nokia interactive among the participants from six winners and they announce booth No. 407 at the mobile Internet world Developer Summit in Boston on October 21 at 12:30 on the NetBiscuits. Following prizes amounting to more than 25,000 EUR will be awarded: 1st Prize: NetBiscuits Enterprise Edition, 6 months developer account, incl. 1m PI/month 2nd and 3rd Prize: NetBiscuits Premium Edition, 6 months developer account, including 500 k PI/month 4 to 6 price: NetBiscuits-Basic Edition, 6 months developer account, including 100 k PI/month additional information and official rules will find you miw under.

In addition to the competition NetBiscuits will also offer a series of best practice workshops at the mobile Internet World Conference. Developers who want to learn more about NetBiscuits and build mobile Web applications for almost any device, valuable information. In the context of the four workshops, eBay, Nokia interactive, Cisco and the Axel Springer AG will show how they have implemented their mobile portals and projects with the NetBiscuits platform.

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