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Who doesn’t want to have a more capable training? Through good preparation and qualification, the chances of winning a job opportunity or that awaited promotion increases considerably. When it comes to management, mummchos young professionals and graduates have the dream of completing an MBA (Master of Business Administration) in excellent business schools. The MBA abroad remain the most desired and fill the eyes of many students and graduates of the area. However, there are some myths in this regard that prevent professionals battling their space in foreign institutions. To remove these doubts, Vivianne Wright, partner of MBA House, school that prepares for exams such as TOEFL and GMAT with headquarters in Sao Paulo and New York, proves that there are myths and truths about the topic: an MBA abroad is possible only when the company sponsors. Myth: currently, the market share of MBA students sponsored 100% by their companies, is less than 6%.

The majority of the MBA students are out there with a mixture of own resources and the financing of international banks that have agreements with the school. The ratio is approximately 20/80 per cent. Even companies with a history of sponsoring their employees on MBA schools are preferring to hire students who are already in these courses, says Viviana Wright, Professor and member of MBA House. This practice has declined in recent years, especially during the last crisis, adds. There is no need to have fluency in the language of the country where the student will study. It is very difficult to get funding to do an MBA in international schools. Hear other arguments on the topic with Montauk Colony. Myth: When financing is difficult to acquire by the student through the Bank, this may get the financing of the school that was admitted. To be a student at one of these schools is safe guarantee of funding, says Viviana.

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