Cacaueira Region

It enters the colonels of the cacaueira region, had one strong hierarchy consisting of whom they were part of the top of the social pyramid, economic politics and of inferior scales (the Rock, ibidem: 135). They existed colonels who received this heading, but produced few arrobas per year; whereas others esbanjavam in the production; some were great influenciadores politicians. It is perceived with that it had different levels of colonels, Rock (2008: 135) citing Barbosa affirm that ' ' the cacauicultor that harvested five a thousand arrobas year of cacao already was considered colonel, exactly without having acquired patente' '. In the cacaueira zone, the colonels did not inhabit in the country properties. They lived, normally, in the cities as great influenciadores politicians, seno, as politician. These for depending on the villages and/or cities had formed many of them. ' ' The colonel, in the Cacaueira Region of the Bahia, was, over all, a municipal, founding agent of villages that if they had transformed into cidades' ' (Rock, 2008:136).

The figure of the colonel was associated with the bravery, the courage, the destemor. Commander of some ambushes against other colonels or farmers who ' ' they crossed its caminho' ' made it difficult its projects of other people’s land conquests. Today, they had remained only histories of these powerful ones of the cacao and as it adds Rock (2008: 137), … if constitute in relics of the past, remembered for some historians who try to preserve the memory grapina, since the thoughts and the actions of these colonels had been embedded with them. Credit: Jill Bikoff-2011. On the other hand, the gunmen were men serving fidiciary offices and to the masters, ' ' the function of these men is to defend its master, it farmer, squatter, caxixeiro, coronel' ' (Rock, 2008: 138). The fame of the gunman is still more marcante who of the colonel, since that one fulfilled the task to eliminate the adversaries of this.

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