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With the Walton Europe land development Niagara 1 can investors invest Ontario region of Canadian growth while land banking was still quite unknown in this country a few years ago, this investment strategy won now a permanent place at the lucrative real estate investments themselves. The Hayzlett Group will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Land banking is translated best with country development and explained with land speculation, nothing to do, such as William (Bill) Doherty, CEO of Canadian Walton International Group Inc.,: A land speculator is someone who buys a piece of land from a distance and then hopes that the development of the site eventually spilling over into its plot. When Walton, on the other hand we have professionalized this process: we do land banking. In other words, we learn to understand the market first of all. We deal with the forecasts for the economic and demographic development and determine the direction of the growth of the city.” The previous success of the over 20-year history of the company can be seen. The most successful Land-banking project was 2.9 years and has achieved a total return of 200 percent. The project with the worst”performance (the longest retention period is meant) in 19 years still a total return of 300 per cent achieved.

It operates Walton without foreign capital. An unbeatable advantage in times of financial crisis. Several processes are necessary to successfully operate land banking. This has steadily professionalized Walton in the past. So, strategically, not urban land are acquired at the beginning. Previously, Walton’s acquisition team performs comprehensive site analysis.

In a second step, the planning team develops a development concept of the plot. Then you will make the financing team (responsible for the sale) and the exit team (responsible for the distribution of the land) to work. In addition to positive growth forecasts, a good infrastructure is another decisive investment criterion of Walton international group. Because a good infrastructure is indispensable for the further growth of a region. Now, Walton has tracked these favorable conditions in the Niagara region (province of Ontario) in Canada, which are also the world-famous Niagara falls. In Ontario, over 38 per cent of the Canadian gross domestic product (GDP) will be generated. 557 billion Canadian dollars (about 368 billion euros, in: 11th November 2008). 2007 lived nearly 13 million people in Ontario, 38.5 percent of the total population of Canada. According to forecasts, the population will grow to up to 2031 to 16.5 million. The Finance Ministry expects an annual influx of 125,000 immigrants to Ontario in the next 20 years. Canada is the second most popular country of immigration to Australia. To promote economic growth, the Government of Ontario Invests in the period between 2005 and 2010 total 30 billion Canadian dollars (CAD) in the infrastructure. The Walton group manages today 500 acres (200 hectares) land in the Niagara region. Three vacant land with a size of a total 165.6 acres (67 hectares) in the Niagara region are subject to the investment offering Walton Europe land development Niagara 1. The minimum participation is 20,000 CAD (about 13,200 euros, last update: November 11, 2008) plus the usual 5 per cent premium. It is a short term fund with a planned profitable resale after four to seven years. In accordance with the forecast development, the increase in value over the whole period is 100 percent.

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