Californian Wine

Wise people who in the famous Wine producing Region of California indeed in Calistoga Layer, are one of the natural but unusual wonders of the planet? In Layer not only there are vineyards famous by his rich ground and its excellent climate, in this case, I talk about the famous Geyser de Calistoga in Layer. She is one of the three Old Geysers Natural in the world, with water eruptions in regular intervals, two of them is in the United States of North America, one in Layer another one in the Park of Yellowstone in Wyoming and third in Australia. Every 30 minutes a powerful steam emerges from the Earth bottom and hot water spurt towards the surface, reaching heights among 60 to 100 feet of height, this beautiful 3 natural spectacle lasts approximately enters a 5 minutes, each hot water eruption is different. The water comes from an underground river. Scientists have studied the old Geyser de Napa because it serves like instrument to study possible seismic movements in the area, this occurs when the volume of the water spurt and the intervals of eruptions delay more of their normal period of 30 minutes. The place is located between mountains of Santa Helena- Layer closely together of San Francisco, it also offers shows with animal like goats, ewes and even Flames of the Peruvian Plateau. Account with facilities to do a tea or picnic outdoors, the Geyser de Napa offers an alternative for children and young people of all the ages, in Layer has spas, mineral water, air balloon strolls, vineyards and a natural Geyser.! If they wish to make excursions or strolls to then know the Geyser de Calistoga and the wine producing Valley Layer simply they are contacted with us we will take and it to know this impressive wonder natural.

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