CERN Large Hadron Collider

Delivery of over 50 Lecksuchsystemen for elementary particles and antimatter research in the CERN Large Hadron Collider that has renowned Science Centre for particle physics CERN Oerlikon LEYBOLD vacuum the supplement given to supply control system RC 310 WL 50 portable leak detector systems PHOENIXL 300 including remote. Oerlikon has prevailed with this order against a renowned international competitive environment. To broaden your perception, visit Rod Brooks. For Dr. Martin Fairclough, CEO Oerlikon LEYBOLD vacuum, this success is forward-looking: “this is one of the largest orders for Lecksuchsysteme, we are in the area of research & Development ‘ could place a customer.” We are pleased that CERN still considered us important partners for its groundbreaking research.” The researchers of at CERN in Geneva study, what holds the world together in its innermost depths with the discovery of the so-called Higgs particle before a few months more fundamental insights could be gained. The world’s largest Accelerator LHC, Large Hadron Collider, which is the heart of Large-scale research institution. The technical requirements for vacuum systems such as quality, reliability and stability are very high for the applications of the CERN. Oerlikon LEYBOLD vacuum is a technology partner of the Geneva research laboratories for decades and supplied multiple vacuum systems and components. The experiments at the LHC, it is imperative to keep a continuous pure ultra high vacuum in the 27 km underground pipework.

Accordingly, the helium leak detection at CERN is a very important aspect: the scarce and expensive noble gas from the storage ring, escapes no more experiments can be performed, because the operating temperature of the system is kept constant to – 271.3 C by means of helium. The particles on the speed of light and then the collision can be only under these conditions. Renowned researchers such as physicist and Nobel Prize laureate Robert Richardson are sure that the inert gas will go in this century to the tilt.

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