Certified Company Addresses Free

Infometrics provides qualified companies infometrics, the vertical search engine for the business Web, provides current company addresses its users free of charge. The infometrics Web-mining process ensures high data quality. Individually selected companies can be managed on a watchlist. With the help of the new watchlist”all free registered users of B2B search engine can simultaneously manage infometrics up to 50 self-selected addresses of incumbents from 50 branches of services, Commerce and industry and download as a CSV file. This file can be opened easily with the own Excel program and are an ideal data base for its own business purposes including direct marketing campaigns or manufacturer requests. Each record consists of the correct company name, complete mailing address, telephone and fax number as well as Managing Director or executives of selected companies as a partner. High data quality guaranteed: at least every 14 days the company addresses infometrics stored with the data shown on the Web pages of the companies are matched with the help of a Web-mining process. This inconsistency detected, is done in the second step a manual inspection and correction of the infometrics datafile.

Infometrics provides up-to-date company addresses its users using this proven semi automatic procedure with minimal staff effort. And so easy to assemble its own, individual Adressverteiler with selected companies: first the desired product as including the multilayer, for which a manufacturer is sought, in the search window type, to refine the search query using the pull-down menu the appropriate industry industry > electronics and electricity generation select and click on the search button. In the hit list, links of companies from the electronics then appear industry that offer the product you’re looking for. Unlike as in the well-known universal search engines the respective becomes infometrics each delivered hit from a company Web page Company profile to display. The company profile of the selected company in the personal shopping list by clicking the remember button company profile is saved. In this way, up to 50 selected companies can be managed at the same time just in the personalized shopping list. Silvia Wallner

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