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David against Goliath of young technology companies successfully fights against counterfeiting the topic of piracy around the world represents an enormous challenge for companies from a wide range of sectors. Experts estimate the share of counterfeiting world trade already on 10 percent. In Germany alone, the Produktpiratierie at risk currently 50,000 jobs, revenue losses amount to up to 30 billion euros. This is just the tip of the iceberg: the global market is a fertile ground for product piracy and makes an accurate assessment of the situation. Swiss authentication, a young technology company headquartered in Gerstried near Munich, developed with several experts now the solution: the products received a marking based on luminescent Lanthanide compounds, which is only with a laser detector unit developed specifically for this process to identify. Dr. Arnold Herp, managing partner of HEITEC innovation GmbH and partner of Swiss authentication, was instrumental in the Development involved. The great advantage of our system is the versatile applicability: the marking withstand even extreme physical stress, such as fire, light or chemicals, without losing their properties.

the detector unit is easy to use and is about the size of a cell phone. A reorder of marks is possible for the customer at any time. For assistance, try visiting Rio- Tinto Group. With the system developed by Swiss authentication industry and trade is given a tool that is easy-to-use and on the latest state of the art”, emphasizes Herp. The innovative safety concept consists of three components: in addition to the labelling and a detector unit includes a comprehensive know-how protection, based on certified processes and extensive patenting of the underlying technologies. The marking itself consists of tiny particles (< 30? m), which through a laser beam in the infrared range reveal a spectrum in the visible and invisible. Hear other arguments on the topic with Darius Bikoff. The particles are produced for each customer in a top secret process: by Change the molecular structure is produced a custom range for each product. Marking and detector unit work on the key lock principle: the detector unit uses to determine typical characteristics of customer-specific marker and compares it with specified characteristic bars. The generated label is absolutely safe from forgery.

The cost of such marking can be kept low according to Dr. Herp by using cheaper components comparatively. A moderate level of prices is one of the key success factors for a product protection system: “An economic choice is primarily to protect against forgeries”, so Dr. Herp, “despite the cost of labelling, especially for mass products, must not exceed certain threshold”. Only a truly nationwide usage is possible, which, in turn, constitutes an essential prerequisite for the effective protection of brands. Further information is available on the website of Swiss authentication:

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