Child Writing

It discovers that letters with the same grafia and some sounds exist, that have equal sounds different grafias and that most of the time it is not said what are written and vice versa. It starts here new conflicts when living deeply the ortogrficos problems that it initiates in this period and if it extends all for the process and it finishes confusing the hypotheses them silbicos and alphabetical levels at the same time. In this level the child presents many difficulties. Former: – grafa some complete syllables and other incomplete ones; – it adds letters to the previous phase (silbico); – absence of letter in its writing presents; that a retrocession cannot be considered and yes a progression in the conceptual levels. In this phase it is initiated independent reading of texts, words, livrinhos, some spells to read.

others already see the simple syllables in its totality. can make its work of reading and writing with different types and modalities of letters. In this phase of reading already they make prediction, anticipation of the meaning of the words, that are basic inferences in this process. It has difficulties in the reading and writing that start with vowels; being able in such a way to make the inversion of the letters in the reading how much in the writing. Former: blackberry reads and writes: maora. With this run down of the hypotheses daily pay-silbica and silbica, where however the child constructs written silbicas, however written alphabetical (being in the two levels simultaneously). In this phase the professor will have to necessarily articulate a work that he aims at to the understanding of the child, commanded and composed of vowels and consonants; directing the tasks to the silbico prominence, aiming at the perception of the child of pieces of he speaks in its writings and of as they are represented.

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