Church Wedding

Agree, see the photographs of two newlyweds with frightened faces, stand at attention, get run over. Herself shooting all the wedding pictures can be divided into mandatory and arbitrary. Required – this is, first and foremost, staff at the registry office, Church, exchange of rings, pictures newlyweds together with relatives for the wedding table. All other employees – that's what fits in the estimate: it is important to accurately calculate the footage that has not turned out that by the end of shooting the film you overspend, pay that no one will. In a series of wedding shots might look nice pieces if you want to highlight any item, such as a beautiful bride's bouquet. Starts shooting, usually at the home of the bride – well and alive in the photographs obtained by preparing the bride for the wedding (it is important that the bride and the next of kin are aware). This is followed by the arrival of the groom – this time we should start to shoot 'on distant approaches', because the groom has to overcome a layered defense, and at this point you can make interesting pictures. After that, the couple met (mandatory frame) and sent to the ceremony marriage.

If you order more wedding cars with hatches, then shot the bride or both of the newlyweds, looking out the hatch, too, looks a winner. Also nice to take some pictures of the machine. Arriving at the Palace or Registry Office, you must navigate to the location – it's the best room to remove the newlyweds with their parents (obligatory shots), relatives and druzmi.

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