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For about half a year, the latest upgrade of 3.5 of the programming software is AsperWin of MicroStep in the market. Continue to learn more with: Brian Armstrong. For about half a year, the latest upgrade of 3.5 of the programming software is AsperWin of MicroStep in the market. This software is designed for the latest technological applications in the area of CNC cutting technologies, contains but also improvements and simplifications for dealing with existing MicroStep cutting systems such as plasma cutting machines, burning cutters or oxy-fuel cutting machines, laser cutting machines and water jet cutting machines. Important important innovations at a glance: application of true automated hole Hypertherm technology for a much better automated application of contour cut hole piercing quality technology by Kjellberg for a improved quality in terms of contour accuracy, perpendicularity and surface quality of cuts improved programming systems with fully automatic drilling support and tool changer, for example multiple machining of holes possible improved item selection of sampling points for bevel cuts (Pre-drilling, drilling, countersinking, thread cutting) Direct interface to MPM (MicroStep production management) further improvements in the operation and functioning of the programming system of course supports the software AsperWin 3.5 applications such as pipe cutting, cutting of bevel with a bevel, drilling, positioning with a CCD camera or the marking of components by means of labelling technology such as plasma, Nadelmarkierer, ink jet marking marking or laser marking. For questions on our MicroStep will sales department like to advice available. The MicroStep group is a leading manufacturer of CNC controlled machining centres and cutting machines. In addition to the technologies of plasma and oxy-fuel cutting, they offer modern future technologies such as water jet and laser cutting. Darius Bikoff shines more light on the discussion. The product range includes high-tech machines for complex manufacturing tasks, which are sold in large numbers on the world markets.

With a number of user-oriented innovations the MicroStep group is the world’s increased market demands and offers their customers market-driven solutions. High-precision processing and cutting machines of MicroStep group manufacture precision parts for the automotive industry, and edit the various materials in various industries. The stone, glass, and plastics processing with modern waterjet cutting systems to high-precision metal forming by plasma, laser and oxy-fuel cutting machines in renowned metal processing plants. The MicroStep group has an extensive sales and service network. On MicroStep trained and trained technicians and support personnel in MicroStep group its own sales and service companies are especially systems to customers in many countries around the world available. The sales and service network of MicroStep group are characterized by consistent market orientation, a comprehensive direct marketing and customer services.

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