Cognitive Characteristics

Physical Characteristics: “Drive speed and reaction. -Coordination (static and dynamic balance, differentiation, adaptation, coupling.). -Force. -Resistance to speed. – Agility.

B) Specifications:-The hands hit the top in all its variants. “The shift towards the ball from all positions on the field. Psychological Features:-Self in downturns. -Will. “Perseverance. “Audacity.

Cognitive Characteristics “tactical intelligence. -Manipulative intelligence. -Creativity. Table of Contents for training the owners. MEDIUM-ADVANCED BEGINNER Basic techniques, armed ball back and forth high. Different techniques of the pass-high hand, armed in special situations. Availability of a variety of patterns of attacks. Technical scroll-ball. “Moving from the positions of penetration, armed in transition. The owner as an attacker, feints. “Perception and evaluation of the trajectory of the pass, then the defense or the reception. “Armed with the three times of attack. Assembled in combination. Some methodological exercises: * The coach throws balls from the middle of the field, 2 or 3 owners do the work. Arman once again 4 and 2, after the coup are running around behind the coach. * An owner, the trainer spends balls. Jump to block and then set up to position 4. * Dem, running behind a mark on a position. * With three players passing balls from 1, 6 and 5, making the owner go to the area of high balls defenders to arm 4. * Dem, but after the assembly, the shipowner must run and touch the ball before it falls in April. * Dem, but the owner skips from block 2 and then goes to look for the next ball.

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