Corporeal Properties

Moreover, the domain bourgeois consolidated a new style of life based on the ownership of corporeal properties objects, fabrics, furniture status signals and wealth. All this process was made possible thanks to the new social division of the work and the constant search for the profit. The significaes related to the work notion, essentials stop> to understand gnese of the capitalism and industrialization, however, different they had felt throughout history, and they deserve to be analyzed, in view of that, in each space and temporality, they had assumed varied forms and representations. The vision of the work had a negative character during much time. According to tradition Jewish-Christian, the expulsion of Adam and Eva of the Paradise brings obtains the punishment of the work tax: ‘ ‘ With the sweat of your face you will eat yours po’ ‘ (Gn, 3:19). Of this form, the not-work, laziness, is changedded into one of the sins capitals of the medieval period, ‘ ‘ mother of all vcios’ ‘.

1 the proper Latin word that of the origin to ours vocbulo ‘ ‘ trabalho’ ‘ he is tripalium, used instrument of torture to empalar enslaved rebels and derivative of palus, prop, pole where if the convict empalam. work (in Latin) means effort laborious, to fold itself on the weight of a load, pain, suffering, penalty and fatigue. (CHAU, 1999, P. 12).

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