So that he is carried through what he was argued and planned is necessary that he has an awareness on the part of the involved members in the processes of the school and the pertaining to school Advice has decisive paper in everything this. The Pertaining to school Advice must be the guarantee of the democratization of the school, in the measure where must congregate all the segments of the pertaining to school community to argue, to define and to follow the development of what it was planned, as well as of all the developed actions inside of the school, resumidamente can be said that it will depend on these collective principles of participation in the execution of the education process? learning, so that the school plays really its social function that is the full development of the pupil. With the Pertaining to school Advice, the management starts to be a management student body, where the different pertaining to school segments and the local community if congregate together to construct an education of socially excellent quality and. So that the Advice functions is necessary that all the segments if join in the intention to make to be valid the collective voice of the school, however what it is seen in the schools they are resqucios of one educational politics Taylor-fordista that is based on the production way and that it keeps the control of the work through the control of the decisions that are taken during the accomplishment of this work..

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