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Twitter is a free microblogging service that works as a social network and that allows us to send micro-entradas (also called tweets) based on text, with a maximum length of 140 characters, where answers to the question what are you doing? What does Follow, retweet, DM, Tweetups and Hashtags? Though they are too basic, not I stop comment on them, because like any of you has no account on Twitter, and some of these terms may sound a little strange to them. Follow or followers is referred to people who follow. I follow or Follow a @usuario. And now I have 140 followers (users who follow me) is creating a terminology around this word, and we see expressions as you are not followeando or Following a @bolooo Retweet is when we see a message or Tweet and copied it and resend, usually citing the author. DM (Direct Message): when we send a direct message to a user, that only the can read. Tweetups: Born of Meetups (meetings) and Twitter, together so you could translate it as meetings of Twitters. Hashtags: Is the way we have to track a specific issue or an event via Twitter. It allows us to search Twitter for topics.

For example, if you are looking for news about WordPress, we will look for all topics that contain #wordpress. -Shortening of addresses to be only 140 characters to write our messages, a need arises: shorten the addresses of our links. For that there are services that shorten the addresses in a single click. Some of these services are: Tinyurl, is.gd, ow.ly and tr.im. Some of the programs which we’ll discuss below shorten URLs automatically. Search engines articles by topic: as we have seen before, can follow Tweets with a hashtag specific, so we can use different tools. Search.Twitter.com: own Twitter for search tool. We can search for any word or phrase, or hashtags.

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