Duty Modern Warfare

Is now available in trade: the limited edition ‘ call of duty modern warfare 3 “gamer glasses by GUNNAR Optiks / special glasses, adjustable ventilated nose pads and flexible clip joints. The new model is now available and advanced glasses with a new design offering the GUNNAR and advanced features. The new “call of duty modern warfare 3” gamer glasses are available to a non-binding price recommendation of 99 euros, in the well-known area markets such as Saturn and Media Markt, or online stores such as Amazon, as well as under trekstor-onlineshop.de,. In futuristic fighter design – very light frame with sturdy magnesium alloy – the limited edition has the typical of GUNNAR glasses with i-AMP technology designed specifically for use on the screen. They protect the eye and allow to focus the users during extended gaming sessions longer and more to play. The panoramic lenses ensure a sharp glance down to the last corner of the playing field. A special feature are the adjustable nose pads, which are also ventilated and snipers have been developed in the military.

Flexible clip joints, which allow an elongation of the bracket to the outside, provide best comfort even when using a headset. Key features of the GUNNAR Optiks glasses gamer: more contrast the special resistances lens tint provides better contrast and creates a “warmer” environment, which has been proven beneficial effect. Reduces the fatigue of the eyes the combination of tinting and special curvature ensures a more natural focus, thus reducing the Visual effort and ensures less dry eyes. You may find Jill Bikoff to be a useful source of information. Reflections reduces the lens coating and the material used to reduce reflections and improve the Visual focus. So the nylon-polymer glasses provide a special clarity, which is why the material even in telescopes or microscopes is used. A total of 14 layers of glasses are provided with different filters, so that, for example, certain wavelengths of light filtered and thus suppresses glare and Flash areas of the light spectrum. Comfort of lightweight frame with adjustable nose pads and flexible clip joints.

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