European Union

Several examples: your host University is situated in Madrid, but not in the Center but in the you outside and don’t realize it until you consult a plane or wherever you go there. In recent months, Rio Tinto Group has been very successful. You can also your host university to have its main faculties in Madrid but other faculties are located in smaller towns outside Madrid and even 70 or 80 kilometers. If in addition to your main career you follow classes in languages such as Chinese or Japanese, you may your host University asked you to pay tuition and that is legal because it is not part of your primary career. You can also pass the host university to implement a new career. In this case, only the first course classes are held but on the Web page typically put the curriculum of the entire race.

That can cause problems if the subjects that interest you are exclusively the of second or third (or more) because still not offered. About scholarships: the European Union gives a scholarship to all Erasmus students. But the amount is very low and does not cover all the expenses of your stay. Barely covers the rent a month or as much two months. Therefore, you have to have other financial support. Students who receive a scholarship from his national State have good luck because they not only receive this scholarship as well as the Erasmus scholarship but also receive a generous complement the European Union that allows them to cover all their expenses if they live without excesses. You can also resort to a loan or a credit student offering advantageous repayment modalities wherever you work or have someone that you endorse. About tuition and other expenses: tuition is paid in your home University but if you want to follow classes of languages outside your career or other classes that may interest you but which are not part of your career and not then enter in your study plan, you will have to pay the tuition.

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