Federal Law

Awareness of the decisions and actions of the HOA's public actions and decisions of the HOA management – one of the guarantees of the rights property owners, therefore, appears to be the first thing the apartment owners should get – transparency of the HOA. The right of citizens to access information is fixed, in particular, Art. 8 of the Federal Law of 27.07.2006 149-FZ "On information, information technologies and data protection. " Housing legislation mandatorily provides for making available to owners of residential premises the following information. First of all, it's about general meetings.

In accordance with paragraph 4 of Art. 45 LCD Russian owner, on whose initiative convened a general meeting of owners of premises in an apartment house, is obliged to inform the owners of premises in the House of such a meeting no later than ten days before the scheduled date. Message sent: Each owner of the premises in the home by registered letter, if the general meeting of owners of premises in This house does not stipulate a different way of sending this message in written form, or delivered to each owner in the room for painting the house or placed in a room of the house, so a particular solution and accessible to all owners of premises in the house. The announcement of a general meeting of owners of premises in an apartment building should include: 1) information about the person who convened at the initiative of this meeting, 2) form of this meeting (meeting or absentee voting), and 3) the date, place and time of this meeting or in the case of this collection in the form of absentee voting deadline for accepting making the owners on matters put to a vote, and the location or address where such decisions must be passed, and 4) the agenda of the meeting, and 5) the order of access to information and (or) materials, which will presented at the meeting, and the location or address where they are available.

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