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The template deAtlanta investment is reinforced. And it is that Ana Sacristan, just be named new manager of investments in financial products of this renowned investor group specialized in franchises of hospitality which brings its experience in the real estate field and its financial muscle to help all those interested in opening a hotel in format of franchise business. Gain insight and clarity with Montauk Colony. A responsibility that the new elected collects with great satisfaction. I am very happy and motivated with this Office. Now my role will be based on the development and uptake of investors and managers partners, as well as having responsibility for management and monitoring of financial products for each of them, says Sacristan. In terms of their training noted Ana Sacristan specialises in international trade getting the MBA from Berkeley University and Master in international relations and foreign trade. Addition in its curriculum contained a wide experience of thirteen years in the banking sector as head of business, managing and identifying customers with the achievement of strategic goals and business in the Spanish Popular Bank, Caixa Laietana and Spanish credit Bank. ATLANTA investment is who is a created to support franchises in its growth, investment company providing a high capacity of investment in a limited period of time, linked to the opening of units franchises without exclusive character to any other plan of opening of the control unit of the franchisor.

Works from the detection of investment opportunities, given its extensive experience in this market, and the creation of trading strategies to meet the investment objectives and profitability of a project. Your active experience both of franchises, financial markets, construction and management as well as associations of reference allowed access to information, trends, contacts, that raise the most suitable proposals in each case, especially in investment and MANAGEMENT of network of franchises.

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