Flight Guide For Mobile Devices

Flight information directly on the mobile device. Always up to date in collaboration with German Airports Berlin, February 18, 2010 at a rapid pace mobile phones are becoming mobile all-rounders, where different Web sites and applications are available between practical use and gadgets. Under most conditions RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust would agree. For the mobile services area, the flyamo GmbH fills a previously not offered segment of mobile startups: offered up-to-date flight information delivered in automated update intervals on the mobile device. In cooperation with German airports this service bundles all relevant flight data and makes them usable in mobile. For passengers and their collection directly on the phone to use the new mobile services, the passenger or the person collecting enters only his mobile number for the relevant flight and receives from then on all current flight information on your mobile phone. Terminal, check-in counter and gate, as well as changes in the flight schedule, delays or failures are immediately by SMS or email on the mobile device transmitted.

The use is absolutely free and it needs no installation of additional software on your phone to use this convenient service of mobile startups flyamo.de. Today taken for granted by plane to travel, and to do so with the mobile device as a permanent companion offers good growth opportunities for the practical, comfortable and personalized mobile flight service. flyamo.de wants to establish itself as a mobile startup that offers real added value to the passengers and their collectors. The official collaboration with German airports ensures a high quality of flight data and ensures the high demands on the timeliness of the flight information. Company information since early 2009, is on the market and offers a free service for private and business customers. The flyamo GmbH is committed in to the task, to bundle the mobile usable so far only individually at airports flight information and to make available on an interface. Also in the sector of mobile startups flyamo.de to a character and offers a free service for mobile devices en route whatever information security. Press contact of flyamo GmbH Toralf Reinhardt Krausnickstr. 23 10115 Berlin Tel: 030 28 44 54 91

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