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Australia, the great continent in the Pacific, looks a lot more away from what is really a minimum, if we speak in economic terms! There are many who think that an island trip may cost something around 1000 Euros per person. Nothing is further from reality, though of course all agencies and travel search engines we are convinced this option! And it is true that the possibility of more cheap travel is something very recent, it is actually a possibility that appeared thanks to the emergence of routes with airlines low-cost in Asia, and more specifically with the emergence of low-cost long-haul flights In the case of Australia, we are talking airline Tiger Airways and Air Asia X. Air Asia X covers Paris Kuala Lumpur and London Luala Lumpur routes, and likewise cover routes to Perth, Melbourne and Gold Coast from Kuala Lumpur. Tiger Airways, in turn, covers the route from Singapore to Perth. Combining these journeys will be us prices starting from EUR 500 in the case of Perth and generally a starting from 580 600 in the case of Gold Coast and Melbourne. From here, there is more to link Paris and London with Spain using a low-cost such as Ryanair or EasyJet. All this sounds very well, although representing just a never-ending game of search engines trying to look connections on different days to merge the best prices of 6 different journeys separately! Fortunately, flight search engines there are specialized low-cost, as it is the case of Azuon, that allow you to search for this type of journeys with unlimited flexibility of dates and testing all possible combinations in a single click, to give them sorted by price. Since then it is very practical, especially when they come out special offers, which usually last only hours before disappearing. Original author and source of the article.

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