Foucault Continuity

Foucault cites, intelligently based in the literature of the art to govern, that if somebody it wants to govern the State must before know to govern itself, its family, its good (in ascending continuity). the descending continuity wants to say that when a State well is governed, the family parents knows to govern itself proper, its families, its good; thus the individuals if they hold adequately. The governmental institution that assures the decreasing continuity of the good government of the State started to call Policy. It is initiated, thus, with the decreasing continuity and the institutionalization of the Policy, a coercion and monitoring on practical individual citizens and the collective ones. The government of the family, who says respect to the economy, is the central element of the continuity? either increasing, either decreasing. The essential paper of the government was to mesclar in its art to govern the familiar economy and the exercise politician, being watched the individual and collective inhabitants, wealth and behaviors as a family father (P.

281). With the filolgico, sociological and historical study of the word ' ' economia' ' , Foucault was capable to affirm that in century XVI this term meant a government form, and in century XVIII it will be understood as a reality, ' ' a field of intervention of the government through a series of complex processes absolutely capitals for ours histria' ' (P. 282). Foucault analyzes the elements that constitute the object of exercise of being able, or better, which are the incubencies of the government. It has a difference of boardings between woollen Guillaume Perrire, that sees the government as that one that leads things to a convenient end, whereas Maquiavel understands that to govern it means to exert to be able on a territory and its inhabitants. There it has that to be explained, however, that for Perrire ' ' coisas' ' they mean the relations social, wants either between men, with the wealth, objects, institutions, resources, territory and borders, customs, habits, culture, accidents, disasters, hunger Exemplifica Foucault on government of ' ' coisas' ' speaking on the functioning of a ship.

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