Then Juan left and he followed it to rose! Carlinhos talks with its Clio friend! Carlinhos: – Clio, who is that girl? Clio that always was to the side of Carlos observes all intently the colloquy! Clio: – it is the rose! Carlinhos: – it is pretty! Clio: – but also a great one disembarassed! Carlinhos: you with jealousy, Clio? (Carlinhos laughs, hugs Clio and starts to play with it)? you with jealousy, you with jealousy, you with jealousy! Luiz n: – It found that jealousy of Clio was alone friend jealousy. Carlinhos never would imagine that Clio was insane person of loves for it. Not that love of friend, but Clio wanted Carlinhos as man, in the bed. Luiz if approaches to the others two friends Clio: – we go for Carlinhos house; we go Luiz? Luiz p: – we go in this! The friends if fire to the other colleagues of the party and leave. Carlinhos puts the hand in the shoulder of the two friends and leaves with them.

In the exit Carlos it sees Juan playing pink for it are of the car! Rose: – its son of the mother! Juan: – you are very easy! Carlos for the car. he goes down and he goes in direction the Juan. Clio and Luiz: – Carlos, leaves pra there p! It likes to apanhar expensive! Clio: – we go to have party! Carlinhos: – I have! Babaca! – fight with a man! Juan: – cad the man? Carlos of the one blow in Juan who knocks down. Suddenly two friends of Juan run in direction they. Luiz n: – Juan was the son of the disaffected greater of the Z doctor bridges, captain Francisco leather strap and castrates. The captain never left its son to leave without body guards to guarantee that it would not apanharia in parties.

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