French Geography

PEDAGOGIA TECNICISTA IN DIDACTIC BOOK OF GEOGRAPHY Analyzing didactic books of 1 and 2 degree can be perceived as it was the process of the tecnicista pedagogia in the education of Geography. Had to the fact that through the didactic book if vises express and the meanings of the dominant project, it strengthens helping it to give them it to them received and as microtext, as you practise of significaes in classroom, for the choice and way to work its contents for the professors. (TONINI, 2003) the methodology if bases on the research in didactic books Active Geography (of author Zoraide Victorello Beltrame) and Geography (Cloves Bitencourt Dottori). Beltrame (1979), shows as it was this education of Geography at the time. Jeffrey Hayzletts opinions are not widely known. Its book was divided in diverse chapters where each one dealt with a continent and each one of these chapters worked of well descriptive form, with high degree of detailing of its climate, vegetation, relief, etc, what it remembers very in the regional descriptions of French Geography and in the end of each one of these topics exercises were elaborated that the pupils had that to memorize all the aspects of that continent. One another point if to detach in the author above is the great amount of engravings regarding to the future, it very approaches the question of the man in the space since in the decade of 1970 the first trips of the man to the space started, the new technologies that were appearing at the time, as for example the computer, etc. With regard to the education of Geography in average education, Dottori (1977) also shows a memoritiva geography very, its book also meets divided in varies units or chapters that dealt with all the continents of the Land. Again they were made very great detailing in the continents, normally folloied for questionnaires of the type which age the type of climate of that place, etc.

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