GEZ Fees For Freelancers In The Home Office informed about the most important questions regarding licence fees Berlin is since 2007 that GEZ fees are due for PCs. The Federal Administrative Court decided in October 2010 already, that this right is also for only professionally used calculator. For freelancers arise many questions relating to the licence fee. GEZ fees pay Freelancers if the PC is both private also work from home used as a? answers the most important questions in the current guide titled by GEZ fees for freelancers. Must separate log on their radios at the external Office, if they pay privately already GEZ fees? Yes, because even if the broadcasting currently per unit charge, so now already each apartment or each Office to register for the GEZ is decisive. In my Office, there are two radios. I have to pay for every single device? Must be distinction between radio and PC.

Not only each device must be registered at the radio, there is an own licence for each device. Although 5 para 1 regulates RGebStV, that Zweitgerate in the apartment will waive the fee requirement under certain circumstances. Paragraph 2 thereof makes clear, that this just does not apply to premises, other than private purposes”so offices and warehouses are used. Professionally and privately shared PC in the living room when the PC is different the situation however. “Who are only a PC in his study or living room who needs report it only as a professional use device.

A more GEZ fee for use of the same device at the same time does not apply,”said Eike Bottcher from the independent financial comparison portal “Are the computers in an Office, for the radio equipment (radio, TV) are already registered themselves, fall also no additional fees even if it’s a commercial use. However only several PCs, are located in the Office is to pay a licence fee. However, the fee only once, regardless of the number of computers “, complements the consumer expert from Interested in the business customer segment by for more information see:… Press contact: Alexander Borais / Tel: 030-420263-23

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