Giovanni Boccaccio

J.P.Richter When one is called on to him to visit to the beautiful one, majestic Florence, cannot stop remembering to one of its great poets, talent of Literature as it is Dante Alighieri, ” Supremo” Poet; (il Sommo Poet). To Dante also ” is called to him; Father of idioma” Italian. His first biography was written by Giovanni Boccaccio (1313-1375), that wrote to him to the Trattatello in renders I gave to Dantea its Divine Comedy, that she is one of fundamental works of the transition of the medieval thought to the Renaissance one. It is considered the masterpiece of Italian Literature and one of summits of universal Literature For those who we had the opportunity at the school, especially in the secondary one for many years in religious School of Calazan, a Spanish priest, I motivate to us to enter us in Divida comedy, to enjoy its reach and mainly the good explanations that on the matter occurred us, that was recorded in our memory and still in the present we consider many of its phrases, compendium. Tmese in account as we know, that the Nuova Bollard (” Life nueva”) it is the first well-known work of Dante Alighieri; written between 1292 and 1293, shortly after the death of his loved Beatriz.

In the work 31 lyrical poems and 42 chapters in prosa are alternated. The sense of the title comes dice by the vital renovation that the poet when falling in love with loved his undergoes. The part in prosa serves like explanation of the sonetos, written according to the canons of dolce stil nuovo, and chosen between which Dante had composed from 1283, in honor of diverse women and of the own Beatriz. They emphasize some, as It donates ch” avete intelletto d” amore (chapter V), or As much gentile and as much onesta stops (chapter XXVI).

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