Graduation General Management MBA

The Vienna University of technology management MBA congratulates the graduates of the 9th General on Friday, December 3, 2010, the title has been solemnly the participants of the 9th General management MBA Master of business administration (MBA) “awarded.” The academic ceremony was held in a worthy setting at the Danube University Krems. The graduating, their relatives and friends as well as the guests of honor were by Univ.Prof. RESA Chandu, PhD, MBA, MSc (Department management economic and Management Sciences of Danube University Krems) and Univ.Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Aussenegg (course leader of the General management MBA TU Vienna) warmly welcomed. After the Festival presentations of KR Prof.

Friedrich makers (Managing Director Express Interfracht) and P bilma’rof. Dr. Wolf Muller Ravinder (scientific coordinator of the Danube Prof. MBA Aviation) the diplomas were awarded. Then, spoken some graduates and reported on the particular challenge of part-time postgraduate studies. All took advantage of the opportunity, especially for the families and Able to support while to say thank you to the student and stressed Furthermore the excellent personal networking in the group some lifelong friendship initiated by the joint study. The Technical University of Vienna and the Danube University Krems congratulate: DI Christian like German, MBA. Hofbauer, MBA DI Clemens hearing trail Horst Silvia Gardner, MBA ing., MBA like.

Martina Karia, MBA DI Bernhard Muller, MBA Mario Hannes Ogris, MBA engineer HTL. Matthias Prosser, MBA DI Michael Schmid, MBA DI (FH) Martin Schwarzinger, MBA MBA DI Thomas Strodl, MBA DI Frank Wollner, MBA DI Mariella Zapletal, Dr. Berhard Steinmayer, MBA all particularly gratifying is that nine MBA students completed the program with an award. After the official ceremony, the newly minted master of business administration celebrated with their families and friends. We wish them all the best and every success for the future! The 12th round of the General management MBAs will start on October 14, 2011, applications are now possible. Detailed information is available on our website under:

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