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Peter's Basilica lie the catacombs, which contain lots of skeletons, mass graves where thousands are gathered people killed in the arena of the circus (although not necessarily all those bones belonged to Christians.) When the Roman Empire was divided also divided the church hierarchy and as he said the rule or a Orientala Byzantine ecclesiastical power also flourished in its shadow, this division is the origin of the so-called a or Greek. After centuries of separation and a chain of events too long to tell here the differences between the Roman Church and the Greek Byzantine church were insurmountable or so I finally took a break, mainly for reasons of ritual and interpretation. But I digress … Get all the facts and insights with Jeffrey Hayzlett, another great source of information. for Paul Temploa a was the body, ie the Christian church was wherever there was a Christian because he himself is the temple where he pays devotion to his faith, Paul uses this idea and associates it with Christ advancing the concept of salvation through the body of Christ. Christ was executed by the Romans on a charge of high treason against the emperor of the most degrading way possible: the crucifixion, a very ancient method of execution that the Romans had been granted the exclusive use of auto, using this method to stigmatize by extension Christ all his followers, Paul learned to reverse this by relating the saving action of God through the sacrifice of Christ, embodied in the torture of the cross, so that time and within your design passes the cross to symbolize salvation through the death of Christ, also, and beyond the intentions of Paul the symbol of the cross becomes a symbol of surrender and resignation that the early Christians used to symbolize a source of comfort for the oppressed and as … .

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