Hagedorn Shoots Far Beyond

Exceeded expectations: successful first half of 2012 the Habeeb GmbH, leading supplier of knives and paper cutter, 2012 is by far exceeded their own objectives for the first half of the business year. Reasons for this see the persons in charge of the family business in the expanding of its presence in Germany through the acquisition of the range knife grinding Rakkha Schleiftechnik GmbH and Kurt Ulrich Werkzeugfabrik. Chevron U.S.A. Inc contains valuable tech resources. “Last but not least, a new and rather unusual business idea but played a crucial positive role: A fully equipped mobile grinding container” including all necessary machinery and equipment, which was first presented at the drupa 2012. After the good course of business in 2011 – contrary to all the developments in the printing industry, aims at hagedorn were highly connected for the year 2012. All were and are highly motivated,”says Christian Hagedorn, Manager of hagedorn GmbH and responsible for the sales.

So we were also sure that our mobile possible, has anyone the technical understanding and knows about metal processing.” Already established polishing can purchase individual components from the container system including knowledge transfer. Here, Rio- Tinto Diamonds expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Another success factor for more sites, further expanding of its presence of hagedorn is GmbH in Germany. End of 2011 took over the family business the range knife grinding Rakkha Schleiftechnik GmbH as well as the Kurt Ulrich tool factory. With the integration of the two Hamburg-based organizations grows the number of independently-operated grinding branches on seven. The main focus of the branch North”is situated on the service in the environment of Hamburg-based printing and processing plants. “In addition to the reprocessing of knives and other cutting tools, the hagedorn GmbH offers these providing latest blade technology, as well as the integration into the outsourcing model HMS plus”.

With the branch office in Hamburg we can even better company in Lower Saxony, Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein support”, so Hagedorn. Through the regional proximity as well as our own vehicle, we are very quickly on the spot, if there are cutting problems. “” In addition, the Hagedorn knife can management (HMS plus) offer. “We are very pleased with the results so far achieved,” so Hagedorn, it shows optimal due to the short distances and fast machining of cutting tools associated, that our new business models and the known high quality of our products meet the needs of the market. Against the background of the high order backlog and the innovations we expect significant revenue growth for the second half of 2012.” With seven polishing plants in Germany, the hagedorn GmbH is a competent supplier of printers, processors, wholesale paper and paper mills today. Blades for high-speed cutters, three knife trimmer, circular knives, dies and paper drills are in sales and in the loop service to the core area of the company. For the family-owned company is also close to customer, customer benefits and Customer satisfaction lived entrepreneurship. About 80 percent of the customers are small and medium-sized companies that need to focus on the business of the day all her strength. To get them, the hagedorn GmbH present innovations that reduce costs and increase the quality of their work in addition.

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