Hearing Material

Semiologia of the hearing: examination for the diapases, preliminary tonal audiometria, audiometria for by airmail and for saw timpnicos ssea, logoaudiometria, imitnciometria, impedanciometria, consequences, audiometria of cerebral trunk, eletrococleografia, otoemisses. Sonorous waves Waves (longitudinal) that they spread in air and they can be detected by the hearing human being. In the same way that a movement of vibration of the arm of a person can to transfer energy to a strained rope and in it to produce waves, an object in vibration can transfer energy to air. what it is sound the sonorous phenomena they are related with the vibrations of the material bodies. Whenever we listen, sound has a material body that it vibrates, producing this sound. For example: when a person to speak, the sound that it emits is produced by the vibrations of its vocal ropes; when we beat in a drum, in a wooden piece or metal, these bodies vibrate and emit sound; All these bodies are sonorous sources that, when vibrating produce waves that if propagate in the half material (solid, liquid or gaseous) situated between them our ear. When penetrating in the ear, these waves provoke vibrations that in them cause the sonorous sensations.

However the sonorous waves are longitudinal waves that if propagate in a half material. However, whose frequency can be concluded that sound is wave longitudinal, that if propagates in a half material (solid, liquid or gaseous), is understood, approximately enters 20 hertz 20,000 hertz. Speed of the sound In a storm, even so a lightning and the thunder are produced in the same instant, hear the thunder after certain time terms seen the lightning. Already we know that the speed of the light is very great (300.00km/s) e, therefore the lightning is practically seen in the same instant where it is produced. The interval enters the perception of the lightning and of the thunder it represents the time expense for the sonorous wave to arrive until us.

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