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Nutrition Externa.Cuidado skin skin feeling emotions anger, joy or grief, not only has repercussions at the emotional level. Internal and external, bodies are also somehow the consequences, so keep the balanced emotions is also a way to maintain healthy skin. According to reflexology, emotions can be clearly felt in the face. For example, he posits that fear congested forehead, joy illuminates and anger increases wrinkles. For the psychiatrist and Professor at the University of Chile, Pedro Retamal, the influence of emotions on the skin has a scientific explanation: the central nervous system has connections with the rest of the body, says. It is in permanent exchange with the environment. Normal or pathological, changes in different parts of the body that can trigger. And this does not exclude the skin.

What happens is that the skin has protective barrier and thermoregulation functions. Its cells release substances that, along with the hormones, can be considered part of the emergence of problems such as psoriasis, dermatitis, rosacea or acne. Skin receives stimuli from the nervous system, which arrive via sensory nerves, explains dermatologist from the University of Chile, Juan Honeyman. Sad skin when the skin lacks trace elements or vitamins, loses color and luminosity. When it is used to living under stress, it tends to accumulate dirt and be prone to free radicals. When you don’t receive sufficient nutrients, is dried and appear spots and wrinkles. The psychiatrist at the clinica Alemana, Guillermo Gabler, explains that stress triggers inflammatory reactions: affects the immune system, central nervous system and the skin. Happy fur joy removes the feeling of having his face collapsed.

Smooths, relaxes muscles, delivery luminosity. Therefore, exercise is a great way to keep your skin happy. The psychiatrist Retamal ensures that thirty minutes of moderate daily physical activity contributes to improving the health of the body, it has antidepressant effects and frees BDNF, a substance that stimulates the brain’s functioning and is the basis of stability emocional.ya the facioterapia the facioterapia, or facial reflexology philosophy, operates under the premise that emotional systems can be balanced through the stimulation of various points of the face. It considers that, through the skin, it is possible to influence different systems of the body including the nervous and the circulatory. As the effect on the nervous system would be immediate, reflexology the first thing produces is a deep state of relaxation. It was Glucosamine Glucosamine your body produces naturally and is also found in seafood and sugar beet. This ingredient encourages the production of collagen and maintenance of cartilage, fundamental facts to keep the skin smooth. Herbalife has just launched in the market a line of products called Skin Activator whose main component is Glucosamine vegetable (not seafood by the allergy that could cause) and points to the hydration of face day and night; repair of neck and neck; repair of lips; and care eye contour.

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