History Of Golf And Golf Rules

The beginnings of golf have been dated to the 15th century. At that time but only as written conception of sport. The first real evidence of the today’s sports were named on March 1, 1744 by the gentlemen golfers of Leith. A Golf Club which at that time was the first set of rules. The first international game but was held in 1622. There the notion of the Caddy was mentioned for the first time. He was wearing at the time”the golf clubs of the Dukes of York. Now days the caddies are not pure golf clubs more.

Rather, they act advice to the golf players. Know the course very well, know when the player must use what clubs and insatiable, this makes a good caddy. Earlier, the golf was regarded in the Anglo-Saxon area more than elitist and expensive pastime. Stretches in Germany on the other hand, you’ll find this sport through all layers”of society and is more and more seen as a leisure activity. Although still contract negotiations will be on the Green and important business issues that led, but moves more and more into the background.

Any player who has obtained his handicap, can indulge in this particular sport at your whim. The course examination includes a theoretical part and a practical part where the player must take various exams. Since the rules of golf with 34 highly detailed rules are one of the most complex in the world, even experienced players in some situations are uncertain. To this case the DGV (German Golf Association) has set up a Commission and simply to check such hardship cases. To play now but safely on the Green, an activist needs a suitable equipment. This consists of a perfect, coordinated interplay of various factors and events. Golf clubs, golf balls are just as indispensable as the perfect golf clothing, which guarantees a smooth swing. According to rules and regulations, a golfer can take up to 14 different clubs on the square. These 14 different clubs consist of so-called wedges, putter and iron to far on the fairway to be able to beat. Here new technologies continue to evolve. Then in the formative stages of the golf sport, this was exercised with sticks made of wood. Today, materials are used such as iron or titanium. A player needs so many golf clubs on the course various obstacles exist such as bunkers, water holes or slope and slope. A healthy mix of different clubs are indispensable to beat still correctly in different situations or play. Some players that play this sport with enthusiasm and success are including Tiger Woods (United States) or Martin Kaymer (D). MB – 8works

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